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Legislative Session Report

Legislative Session Reports
The FPA works with the advocacy team of Adams St. Advocates to advance our legislative agenda and the proactive policies presented by the Governmental Affairs Council. At the conclusion of each Florida legislative session we produce a report detailing and clarifying the intricacies of each of the bills on our legislative agenda (supported, opposed, and monitoring) and how the profession will be impacted. The Legislative Session Report is a summary of the accomplishments of not only the FPA, but all members and providers in the State that have dedicated their time, resources, and efforts to keep the profession of pharmacy moving forward.

Bill Tracker

Our Governmental Affair Committee (GAC) and Association Lobbying team Adams St. Advocates are continuously monitoring and discussing the newly introduced legislation, and they are keeping an ear to the ground for potential bills that may impact the profession of pharmacy or the practice of healthcare in the State.

Laws & Rules

Florida Pharmacy Law & Information Links

Updated 11/18/2022


Controlled Substance

Controlled Substance

Chapter 893 – Drug Abuse Prevention and Control
Rule 64F-13.001 Definition of Emergency Situation
FAQ – Prescribing & Dispensing of CS for Pain
Controlled Substance Dispensing Toolkit

Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
893.055 Prescription Drug Monitoring Program64K-1 PDMP Rules

Rule 65D-30 Substance Abuse Services Office (F.A.C)
-Common Licensing Standards
-Standards for Detoxification
-Standards for Medication and Methadone Maintenance

Code of Federal Regulations
Part 1304 – Records and Reports of Registrants (C.F.R.)
Part 1306 – Prescriptions (C.F.R.)
Part 1307 – Miscellaneous (C.F.R.)
Part 1308 – Federal Schedules of Controlled Substances and Exemptions
Title I, Sub-chapter 1 – Section 829 – Partial Filling of Controlled Substances
FAQ (Federal) – Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances
FAQ (Federal) – PrescriptionsFAQ (Federal) – Issuance of Multiple Prescriptions for C-II’s
Authorized Agent of the Prescriber

Part 1301 – Registration of Manufacturers, Distributors and Dispensers of Controlled Substances (C.F.R.)
-Persons Required to Register
-Exemption of Certain Military and other Personnel

Drug, Devices and Cosmetics

Chapter 499 – Florida Drug, Cosmetic and Household Products – Part 1
61N-1 – Regulations for Drug, Devices and Cosmetics (F.A.C.)
FDA Orange Book

Nursing Homes


Other Prescribers