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2012 FPA Journals
This award winning journal provides members with the latest in technical information, regulatory updates, and keep members abreast of professional issues around the state. Florida Pharmacy Today Journal is a peer reviewed journal which serves as a medium through which the Florida Pharmacy Association can communicate with the profession on advances in the sciences of pharmacy, socio-economic issues bearing on pharmacy and newsworthy items of interest to the profession. As a self-supported journal, it solicits and accepts advertising congruent with its expressed mission.
January 2012
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March 2012
January 2012 Florida Pharmacy Today
Membership is Key by Lisa Clayville  FPA Approaching a Milestone by Michael Jackson  Support the Adopt-A-Student Program  Enhancing Your CQI Program with Effective Peer Review Practices from the Alliance for Patient Medication Safety  
122 Annual Meeting and Convention Brochure  FPA News
 Call for Award Nominations

2012 Health Fair at the Capitol was the "Best Ever" by Suzanne Kelley  Pharmacists and Pharmacy Students Catch the Advocacy Fever  by Michael Jackson  
Call for Abstracts for Poster Presentations  
2012 Vaccine Recommendations  Help Support the Adopt-A-Student Program  
Vaccinations and Travel  2012 Convention Program Information  CMS Pulse

Advocacy Fever Spreads Across the South and Beyond by Bob Parrado  Should our Profession be Part of Health Information Networks? by Michael Jackson  
CDC Launches Tobacco Education Campaign from the Center for Disease Control  
2012 Legislative Report and Update  
2011 Bowl of Hygeia Recipients  2012 FPA Annual Meeting Information
April 2012
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June 2012

Pharmacy Time Capsule by Dennis Worthen  
You Got Questions, We Got Answers by Lauri Wright, PhD, RD, LD  
FPA Supports Million Hearts Campaign by Michael Jackson  
Drug Disposal: The Role of the Pharmacy Profession by Jennifer Fass, Andrea Fass and Pusson Chun 
2012 Convention Information

May 2012
How High Has Your Advocacy Fever Gotten? by Bob Parrado
Class of 2012 Will be the Disruptive Innovators for Our Profession by Michael Jackson
Florida's Colleges of Pharmacy
122nd Annual Meeting and Convention Information

Has the Advocacy Fever Been Cured?
by Bob Parrado
FPA History of Service and Support Goes Back 125 Years
by Michael Jackson
"Service" Pharmacy's Responsibility in 2013 and Beyond

by FPA Member August D"Orazio
Health Care Teams with Pharmacists Best for Hypertension
Why Do I Need to Be Certified?
What's In It For Me?
Call for FPA Officer and Director Nominations
July 2012
August 2012
September 2012

Let's Focus on What We Can Do
by Goar Alvarez
New FPA Website Is Now On-Line
Advancing Member Services Using the Internet - by Michael Jackson
A Proactive Board for Patient Safety
comments by DeAnn Mullins
FPA Organizational Chart
CE Requirements for Pharmacists and Technicians

We are at a Threshold of our Professional Revolution by Goar Alvarez
Community Pharmacy Accreditation Pending
by Michael Jackson
West Nile Virus and Preventing Mosquito Bites
from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Short Cycle Dispense
by Jonathan Shaatal and Carol Sirianni

Collaboration is Key to Success of Legislative Efforts by Goar Alvarez
Recognizing Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in October by Michael Jackson
FPA Member Profile
Thank You Convention Sponsors
Convention Photos
Convention Award Recipients

October 2012
November 2012
December 2012

Pharmacy Time Capsule 2012
Membership - No Easy Answers
by Don Bergemann
Medicare Audits
by Michael Jackson
Celebrating American Pharmacist Month
Prescription Label Standards
2012 Resolutions Update
by Eric Alvarez
Call for FPA Award Nominations
Call for 2013 Resolutions

Attack on Compounding Unfair in Wake of Tragedy
by Goar Alvarez
The Silly Season is Now Over! Or is it?
by Michael Jackson
FPA Member Profile
(Richard Perez)
Pharmacist Commitment to Patient Safety and Compounding Quality
FPA 2013 Election Ballott

Value of Membership and the Needs and Wants of the X and Y Generations
(by Olga Wydner)
We Can Count our Blessings
(by Michael Jackson)
Coping with Stress
(from the CDC)
University of Florida Pharmacy Dean to Step Down in 2013
(by Linda Homewood)
HIPAA Checkup
(by Don McGuire, RPh, JD, General Counsel - Reprinted with permission, Pharmacist Mutual)
Social Media: Is the Potential Gain Worth the Risk?
(by Casey Reed, Risk Management Intern, Indiana State University, Reprinted with permission, Pharmacist Mutual)
Call for Resolutions to the 2013 House of Delegates
Call for Nominations FPA Awards