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2015 FPA Journals
This award winning journal provides members with the latest in technical information, regulatory updates, and keep members abreast of professional issues around the state. Florida Pharmacy Today Journal is a peer reviewed journal which serves as a medium through which the Florida Pharmacy Association can communicate with the profession on advances in the sciences of pharmacy, socio-economic issues bearing on pharmacy and newsworthy items of interest to the profession. As a self-supported journal, it solicits and accepts advertising congruent with its expressed mission.

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January 2015
February 2015
 March 2015

Leading in Pharmacy
by Suzanne Kelley

125th Annual Meeting Will Be a Blast
by Michael Jackson

How Deep Is the Rabbit Hole
by Joseph Scuro

Pharmacist Patient Care Process

FPA Member Profile

Call for Resolutions

Call for Award Nominations

125th Annual Meeting and Convention

Call for Poster Presentations

The Importance of Achieving
Provider Status
by Abdullah Islami

MAC Pricing Clarity Needed
by Michael Jackson

2015 Florida Pharmacist
Legislative Day and Health Fair

Non-Traditional Internships
Provider Unique Career Participation
by Nathan Seligson

FPA Member Profile
Melody Thompson

Prescription Drug Side Effects &
Sleeping with Infants
by Mike Carroll

Knowing What to Do:
Improve Health Literacy
by M. Jill Odom


This is the Year to Fight for
Clarity on MAC Pricing
by Suzanne Kelley

Women in Pharmacy
by Danella Dixon, FPA Intern

Volunteer Pharmacists and
Pharmacy Students Visit
Florida Capitol

Prescription Pain Medication Access
Painful to Watch,
Painful to Solve
By Mohammed Abdulwahhab,
FPA Intern

FPA Member Profile

FPA News and Notes

Call for Poster Abstracts

125th Annual Meeting and Convention

April 2015
May 2015
 June 2015
Conference Networking Tips
Matthew Savoie,
2015 Pharmacist Candidate

A Bright Future for the Pharmacy Profession
Sarah Reeg,
2015 Pharmacist Candidate

Passion on the Hill
Angela Garcia, PharmD, MHP, CPH
Jeanette Connelly, PharmD
Alexis Jurick, PharmD, CPH

Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Welcome New FPA Members

House of Delegates Speakers Report
Bob Parrado

Call for Poster Abstracts

125th Annual Meeting and Convention Information

Pharmacy News and Notes

Have You Found Your
Pharmacy Passion?
by Suzanne Kelley

Another Home Run Session
by Michael Jackson

Update on Florida's
Pharmacy Schools
Special Edition

Call for FPA Officer and
Director Nominations

125th Annual Meeting and Convention

It's Time to Engage with
Profession of Pharmacy
by Suzanne Kelley

Overcoming Today's Practice
by Michael Jackson

Walking the Pharmacist's
by Joseph Scuro

Call for FPA Officer and
Director Nominations

Dispose of Unneeded Medications
by Kristen Jones

Specialized Adherence Teams
by Christopher Daly

FPA News and Notes

Clostridium Difficile Infection
by K Ashley Jones and
Lori Dupres

125th Annual Meeting
and Convention Information
July 2015
August 2015
September 2015

Progress Has Been Made But Challenges Await
by Tim Rogers, FPA President

FPA Launching Pharmacist Nation TV Network
by Michael Jackson, EVP & CEO

E-Forcse - An Invaluable Tool for Clinical Decision Making
by Rebecca Poston

Continuing Education Requirements for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians

Code of Ethics for Pharmacists

Unit Associations Regional Map

Call for Council Membership

#1 Club Membership

FPA Officer and Director Nominations

Mission Statement and Strategic Plan of the FPA

Community Pharmacists' Obligation to Expanded Practice Under Just Culture
by Petra Estep, PharmD, Pharmacy Resident

Pharmacy and Medically Underserved Areas Enhancement Act is Important for our Future
by Scott Tomerlin, President Elect, Florida Pharmacy Association

FPA Mourns Loss of Leonard Kohn

Membership is a Top Priority
by Kathy Petsos

Leadership Opportunities to Pass Up
by Michael Jackson

Utilizing Pharmacists as Health Care Providers
by Dr. Juan F. Mosley II

2015 Convention Highlights

Recognizing FPA Members
with 50 Year Licensure Status

Social Media Health Care
To Post or Not to Post
by Jeana Pearce (Pharmacist Candidate) and Carol Motycka, PharmD, BCACP

Legislative Advocacy Efforts
of the FPA
by Tim Rogers

Plan for Natural Disasters
by Michael Jackson

October is American
Pharmacist Month

More Images of the 125th
Annual Meeting and Convention

Managed Care Organizations Exclude Certain Providers
by Kayla Kelly

FPA News and Notes
October 2015
November 2015
 December 2015

Call to Arms
by Mark Hobbs

FPA Member Services and Value
by Michael Jackson

Human Papillomarvirus
To Vaccinate or Not t Vaccinate
by Antonio Carrion, PharmD, MPH

Speaker of the House of Delegates Report
by Jackie Donovan

Welcome New Members

FPA News and Notes

Florida Pharmacy Foundation
Announces Winner of Honda Fit

Call for Award Nominations

Call for Resolutions

Resolving Red Flags
by Bob Parrado

Pharmacy Benefit Managers
by Musa Darwish, FPA Intern

AMA Calls for Ban on Direct to Consumer Advertising

Call for 2016 Resolutions to the House of Delegates

Talking to Patients About Adherence
by Aakash Patel

2014 National Bowl of Hygeia Recipients

FDA Takes Action to Protect Consumers from Dangerous Dietary Supplements

Managing Your Diabetes During the Holidays
From the CDC

2016 FPA Election Ballot Information

Call for 2016 Award Nominations

Pharmacists as Health Care Providers
by Scott Tomerlin

Reducing Competition to Save Money
by Michael Jackson

FPA 2016 Legislative Preview

Governmental Affairs Committee Report
by Bill Garst

Call for Nominations for Norm Tomaka & Family Community Service Award

Facebook Utilization as a Tool in Pharmacy Education
by Andreina Ottman, Jacqueline Walker, and Krisy-Ann Thornby

FPA News and Notes

Call for Nominations for FPA Awards

Call for Resolutions to the 2016 House of Delegates