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2016 FPA Journals
This award winning journal provides members with the latest in technical information, regulatory updates, and keep members abreast of professional issues around the state. Florida Pharmacy Today Journal is a peer reviewed journal which serves as a medium through which the Florida Pharmacy Association can communicate with the profession on advances in the sciences of pharmacy, socio-economic issues bearing on pharmacy and newsworthy items of interest to the profession. As a self-supported journal, it solicits and accepts advertising congruent with its expressed mission.  Just select the image of the journal that you would like to read.

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January 2016
 February 2016
 March 2016

Water the Grass
by Tim Rogers

Pharmacist Prescribing Birth Control
in the New Year
by Justin Dorotheo

Telemedicine by Health Care Clinicians
by Antonio Carrion & Jamal Brown

FPA News and Notes

Call for Resolutions

Andexanet Alfa: Investigational Factor
Xa Inhibitor Antidote
by Lena Charafi

2016 FPA Annual Meeting Information

Call for Awards Nomination

Call for Poster Abstracts


Why are Pharmacists Nice People
by Tim Rogers

by Amanda Rhodes

Former FPA Treasurer Receives
Leadership Mentor Award

Eluxadoline for IBS Diarrhea
by Jamal Brown, PharmD,
Crystal Parke, PharmD
Juan Mosley II, PharmD,
Lillian Smith, PharmD

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FPA News and Notes

Maitland Pharmacist Elected
FPA President Elect

Call for Resolutions

FPA Member Profile

Call for Convention Poster Abstracts

2016 FPA Annual Meeting
and Convention Information

March 2016 Mission:
Lac Azuei, Haiti
by Tim Rogers

Should Government Rule
Pharmacist Decision Making?
by Michael Jackson

The Disruption of Pharmacy
by Karl Marcellus

The Story of the Market
by William Garst

FPA Participates in USF
Pizza and Policy Night

FPA News & Notes

Call for Resolutions

FPA Member Profile

Call for Poster Presentation

126th Annual FPA Meeting

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Adopt-A-Student Program

April 2016
May 2016
 June 2016

A Call to Action
by Tim Rogers

FPA Working to Advance the
Practice of Pharmacy
by Andrea Murzello, FPA Intern

Intern Pharmacists Immunizing
by Margareth Larose-Pierre, PharmD
Kyle Brown, PharmD Candidate
Brittany Dutton, PharmD Candidate
Alyssa Munns, PharmD Candidate

FPA News and Notes

Does a Benzodiazepine a Day
Keep Anxiety Away?
Melanie Smith, PharmD
Ereka Managan, PharmD Candidate

Call for Poster Abstracts

2016 FPA Annual Meeting Information

Call for 2016 Resolutions to the
House of Delegates

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The Seeds Of Pharmacy's Future
by Tim Rogers

From Making Policy to Action
by Michael Jackson

FPA News and Notes

FPA Increasing the IQ of Your Smart Phone

FAMU College of Pharmacy
Transforming Lives and Communities

LECOM School of Pharmacy
Caring for Our Students and Ensuring Their Success

Larkin College of Pharmacy
Developing an Academic Community Engaged in Teaching Research and Service

NSU College of Pharmacy
Growth and Innovation- Marching Toward Vision 2020

PBAU Gregory School of Pharmacy
Pharmacy with Faith, Excellence with Character

UF College of Pharmacy
Through Excellence in Education, Research and Clinical Practice, the College of Pharmacy Achieves a to 10 National Ranking

USF College of Pharmacy
Energy and Accomplishment Propel the USF College of Pharmacy to a Successful Year

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FPA 126th Annual Meeting and Convention

Presidents Year in Review
by Tim Rogers

Rules on Handling Emergencies Need to Change
by Michael Jackson

While You're Packing the Sunscreen, Don't Forget About Your Medications
by Andrew Heinz, PharmD

Community Pharmacists and Interns Should be Proactive
by Ogenna Omenugha

Pharmacy Not Immune to Recent Orlando Shootings
by Michael Jackson

Prevention of Mosquito-Borne Diseases
by Charlie W. Colquitt, PharmD
Jessica Warthen, PharmD
Vonda Colquitt, PharmD

FPA Increasing the IQ of Your Smart Phone

Oregon's Health Insurers' Double-Digit Rake Hikes
by Kala Shankle, J.D.
Lockwood Law Firm

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2016 Convention Schedule

33rd Annual Southeastern Gatherin Information

July 2016
 August 2016
September 2016

The Rest of the Story
by Scott Tomerlin

Here Come the Candidates
by Michael Jackson

News from the FPA Annual Meeting and Convention

FPA Past Presidents

FPA Organizational Chart

CE Requirements for Pharmacists and Technicians

Pharmacists Code of Ethics

Call for Nomination for Election of Office

FPA Bylaws and Constitution

Investing in the Future of Pharmacy
by Katelyn Shatz
The Value of FPA Membership
by Scott Tomerlin

The March for Provider Status Continues
by Michael Jackson

126th Annual Meeting and Convention Highlights

FPA Honors Florida's 50 Year Pharmacists

FPA Recognizes Those We Lost in 2015-2016

3-D Printing: The Future of Medicine
by Lanh Dang, PharmD and Kevin Bailey, PharmD Candidate

Book Smart or Heart Smart:
What Type of Intelligence is Your Strength?
by Farima F. Raof, PharmD Candidate

FPA News and Notes

Building a Legacy of Leadership
by Angela Garcia

Let's Talk About Pharmacy
by Michael Jackson

More From the 126th Annual
Meeting and Convention

October is American
Pharmacist Month

FPA Supports Better Patient
Access to Oral Contraceptives
by April Glasper

Small to Mid-Size Businesses Also Need A Strong Compliance Program in a Post ACE Environment
by Marlon R. Onias, Esq

Transferring Prescriptions with Patient Consent
Opposing View
by Raul Correa

Transferring Prescriptions with Patient Consent
Supporting View
by David Mackarey

FPA News and Notes

October 2016
 November 2016
 December 2016

A Tribute to American Pharmacist Month
by Scott Tomerlin

Pharmacist Services During Disaster Declaration
by Michael Jackson

Filling and Refusing to Fill Control Substance Prescriptions
by T. J. Morton,
Office of FPA General Counsel,
Lockwood Law Firm

FPA Welcomes New Members

The Real Value of FPA Membership

House of Delegates Report
by Carol Motycka, FPA Speaker of the House

Call for Resolutions of the 2017 House of Delegates

FPA News and Notes

Compounding Errors Associated with Thyroid Medications
by Kristen Jones, PharmD

Call for Nominations for 2017 FPA Awards
Thankfulness is Always in Season
by Scott Tomerlin

The 2016 Election is Over.
Now What?
by Michael Jackson

Opportunity Knocking - Promote Adult Immunizations
by Beverly Schaefer

by Han Do

Retroactive Fees Wreaking Havoc
on Community Pharmacies
by Anthony Benton

2017 Election Ballot Information

Call for FPA Award Nominations

Call for Resolutions to the
2017 House of Delegates

Reflection Upon the Past Year,
and the Year Ahead
by Scott Tomerlin

A Stellar Year for Member Services
by Michael Jackson

New Topical Treatments for Onychomychosis
by Lindsey Childs-Kean, PharmD
Zuzana Blackwood, PharmD Candidate
Mark Kennedy, PharmD Candidate

Florida's New Laws on ARNP and PA Prescribing of Controlled Substances
by Martin Dix, JD

Call for 2017 Resolutions

FPA News and Notes

Call for 2017 Award Nominations