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2017 FPA Journals
This award winning journal provides members with the latest in technical information, regulatory updates, and keep members abreast of professional issues around the state. Florida Pharmacy Today Journal is a peer reviewed journal which serves as a medium through which the Florida Pharmacy Association can communicate with the profession on advances in the sciences of pharmacy, socio-economic issues bearing on pharmacy and newsworthy items of interest to the profession. As a self-supported journal, it solicits and accepts advertising congruent with its expressed mission.  Just select the image of the journal that you would like to read.

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January 2017
 February 2017
 March 2017

A New Year of Opportunities
by Scott Tomerlin

130 Years of Advocacy History
by Michael Jackson

Call for House of Delegates

Survey on Legislation Supporting
Prohibition on Pressure to
Switch Prescriptions
by Seth Ginsberg

Perils of Owning a Retail Pharmacy
by Anonymous

FPA News and Notes

127th Annual Meeting
and Convention Information

Call for 2017 Award Nominations

16th Annual Florida Pharmacy
Health Fair and Legislative Days
by Norman Tomaka

Getting on the Pharmacy
Advocacy Team
by Michael Jackson

Legislating the Future
2017 Bills of Interest

FPA News and Notes

Call for Poster Abstracts

Call for 2017 Resolutions

127th Annual Meeting Information

2016 Bowl of Hygeia Recipients

Advocacy Excitement Abounds!
by Scott Tomerlin

Supporting Florida's Future Pharmacists
by Michael Jackson

DIR Fake News Repellant
by Doug Hoey

FPA News and Notes

FPA Elects New Officers

Gubbins Scholarship Award Presented to NSU Pharmacy Student

Call for Poster Presentations

Florida Report on Telehealth

Call for Resolutions

127th Annual Meeting Information
April 2017
May 2017
 June 2017
130 Years of the Florida Pharmacy Association
by Scott Tomerlin

When In a Battle, Use Your Best Resources
by Michael Jackson

2017 Florida Pharmacists Legislative Days and Health Fair
by Angela Garcia and
Jeanette Connelly

Call for Poster Abstracts

Get Into Politics - Or Get Out of Pharmacy
by Will Chan

Support the Adopt-A-Student Program

127th Annual Convention Information

Hats off to the Class of 2017
by Scott Tomerlin

Big Hopes for the Graduating Students Entering Our Profession
by Michael Jackson

Governor Rick Scott Issues Emergency Order on Opioid Epidemic

Featured Florida Pharmacy School Articles

Florida A&M University

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine School of Pharmacy

Larkin Health Sciences Institute College of Pharmacy

Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy

Palm Beach Atlantic University Loyd Gregory School of Pharmacy

University of Florida College of Pharmacy

University of South Florida College of Pharmacy
A Privilege to Serve
by Scott Tomerlin

Next Generation Pharmacy Practice
by Michael Jackson

Less is More: Evidence for Shorter Courses of Antibiotics
by Alyssa Claudio and
Carol Motycka

CMS Proposes Quality Payment Program Updates to Increase Flexibility and Reduce Burdens

Sebastian, Florida Pharmacist Elected to APhA Board

2017 Convention Information

Support Adopt-A-Student

July 2017
 August 2017
September 2017

The Importance of Connecting
Health Care
by Suzy Wise

FPA Conventions Rock!
by Michael Jackson

FPA Past Presidents and
Organizational Chart

CE Requirements for Pharmacists and Technicians

Code of Ethics for Pharmacists

Call for Volunteers for

FPA Officer and Director Nominations

FPA Bylaws and Constitution

The Opioid Epidemic
by Jessica Fields

Advocating for the Pharmacy Profession
by Sarah Steinhardt, Jennifer Marsh and Cameron Durlacher

Opioid Epidemic: Challenge or Opportunity?
by Michael Jackson

Launch Your Profession Forward
Convention Scrapbook

2017 Convention Award Recipients

Thank You to Adopt-A-Student Sponsors

FPA Recognizes 50 Year Pharmacists

In Memoriam of Those who Left us

FPA News and Notes

Our Role Before, During and
After the Storm
by Suzy Wise

Are You Ready for 2018
Policy Changes?
by Michael Jackson

Ranking of Factors Considered
Important in Hiring
by John Clark, Sarah Steinhardt, William Kelly, Minh Le and Travis Dubow

October is American Pharmacist Month

FPA News and Notes
October 2017
 November 2017
 December 2017

Celebrating American Pharmacists Month
by Suzy Wise

What is All the Fuss about Pharmacist Prescriber Collaboration
by Michael Jackson

FPA News and Notes

Disaster Strikes
Are Your Ready to Help Your Community?
by Terri D'Arrigo, Pharmacy Today Journal (APhA)

Why Be an FPA Member
by Michael Jackson

Speaker of the House of Delegates Report
by David Mackarey

Call for Resolutions to the 2018 House of Delegates

Open-Ended Questions
Open the Door to Counseling
by Meredith Diamond

Opioid Epidemic and
Pharmacy's Solution
by Michael Jackson

FPA News and Notes

Look to Pharmacists to Fight Antibiotic Resistance, Too
by Steven Anderson &
Gigi Kwik Gronvall

2018 Election Ballot Information

Call for Resolutions to the
2018 House of Delegates

Call for Award Nominations

"Tis the Season, Flu Season"
by Suzanne Wise

Mullins Extends a Tradition of
National Leadership
by Michael Jackson

Pharmacy Bills Filed for 2018
Legislative Session

When a Worker's Compensation
Claim Turns Bad

FPA News and Notes

Are Aggressive Efforts to Control
Opioid Addiction Fueling an
Increase in Pharmacy Crime?
by Michael Warren

Call for 2018 Resolutions

Call for 2018 Award Nominations