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Laws and Rules for Pharmacists, Pharmacies and Technicians
FPA Law and Information Manual
A Member Service of the Florida Pharmacy Association
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This manual was compiled by the Florida Pharmacy Association to give member pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy owners a comprehensive resource for regulations affecting the practice and business of pharmacy. Laws and rules constantly change over time. This Manual is a compilation of regulations as they exist at the time of publication, and is subject to change. Pharmacist need to know not only the statues and administrative rules affecting the practice of the profession of pharmacy, but have some familiarity with regulations impacting other health related health care professions as well. Selection of additional regulations to be added to this Manual has been based upon inquires by pharmacist to the Association. The content in this resource are created primarily through hyperlinks to government agencies and are subject to relocation.  If a link is not working properly please contact the FPA at  Include in your message where the link is not working properly.
This Manual was compiled in order to better help you in the process of being totally compliant with the state and federal governments in the area of pharmacy practice.  It is not meant to be used as a source of legal advice.  If you have specific issues regarding your practice that is not addressed in this resource it is recommended that you consult with an attorney familiar with health law.
Coding and Numbering Explanation

In each section of the Law and Informational Manual are different acronyms and numbers that coincide with each Law, Rule or guideline. Below is the explanation of each of the types of acronyms and numbering that is used.

  • Stands for "Florida Administrative Code" under the Florida Administrative code are different numbering (i.e. Sec. 64B16-25.130) in this case the 64Bstands for the "Chapter number" 16 stands for the "Sub-chapter in that section" 25 stands for the "Section" in that chapter and .130 stands for the "Subsection" . So here we are looking at Chapter 64B, sub-chapter 16 section 25 subsection 130.

  • Stands for "Florida Statute" under the Florida Statute are different numbering (i.e. Sec. 465.001) in this case 465 stands for the "Chapter number" and 001 stands for the "Section in the chapter previous" so here we are looking at section 001 in chapter 465 of the Florida statue.

  • Stands for "United States Coding Service" or, for short "United States Code - USC" under the United States Coding Service there are different numbering (i.e.21 USC 351(a)(2)) in this case 21 stands for the "Title" 351a stands for the "Section" and 2 stands for the "Paragraph" so in this case we have Title 21 section 351a paragraph 2 of the United States Code.

  • Stands for "Code of Federal Regulations" under the Code of Federal Regulations are different numbering (i.e. 21 C.F.R. 802.01n this case the 21 stands for "Title" so Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations and 802 stands for "Part" and 01 stands for "Section". So here we are looking at Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 802 section 01.


This publication was under the direct supervision of Michael Jackson Executive Vice President, and CEO of the Florida Pharmacy Association. Credit is gratefully given to the other members of the Association for their sincere interest and able assistance throughout the project.