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Enrollment Instructions

 Please Read Carefully Prior to Enrollment


  1. The prescription department manager, supervising pharmacist or pharmacy director should download all documents HERE

  2. Complete questions 1 through 5 of the Board of Pharmacy "Employer Based Training Program" application for registered pharmacy technician training programs

  3. For question #6 in the available space box enter the name and title of person who will have authority over the training program.  That could be either the pharmacy owner, manager or pharmacist in charge

  4. For question #13 in the available space enter in the name and title of the person that will be doing the onsite educational training experience of the technician student.  This could be a pharmacist, technician, manager or owner (You must include their job description, resume or curriculum vitae)

  5. For question #14, if there is another pharmacy technician or pharmacist that will be involved in planning and instruction of technicians in your pharmacy add them here with their license number

  6. For question #15 please insert in the red box the name of the pharmacist on site that will be supervising the technician's progress in the training program

    Make sure that you include the license number of the supervising pharmacist. Also while the application does not specifically requests this you need to include with the application packet that you are submitting to the Board of Pharmacy a copy of the resume of the pharmacist who will be supervising the technician's training at the pharmacy permit location. This pharmacist will need to sign the certificate defined in item #7 below

  7. The owner or managing director of the pharmacy should sign and date the bottom of the application after question #22

  8. Send the application with the supporting documents to:

    Florida Board of Pharmacy, P. O. Box 6320, Tallahassee, Florida 32314-6320

    It is recommended that you mail any documents to the Board with a return receipt request. THERE IS NO FEE FOR SUBMITTING THIS PROGRAM FOR APPROVAL BY THE BOARD

  9. Once approval has been granted by the Board for your employer based training program you can begin enrolling your technicians in the training course. The cost per technician is $339, and FPA technician members pay only $299

  10. When you register for the technician training program the technician student will receive by email within a day or so a user ID and password to log into the online training program account; the Board rules require technicians to complete this training within 6 months

  11. Upon successful completion of the program technicians will be able to download a certificate of completion that will need to be signed by the supervising pharmacist

  12. The last step is for the technician to apply to the Florida Board of Pharmacy for full registration.  Technician registration information is available through this link to the Board of Pharmacy website