Election Nominations

FPA Elected Officer Nominations

Nominations for 2023 Election Year is Now Open

The FPA Bylaws specify that any subdivision or any member in good standing may nominate one person for the office of President-Elect, one person for the office of Treasurer, one person for the office of Regional Director, and one person for the office of Technician Director.


All nominations and required supplemental information must be submitted by September 1, 2023

A President-Elect shall be elected every year and shall assume the duties of the President on the last day of the annual meeting of the year following election as President-Elect. Nominees for president-elect should have a good understanding of how the Association functions and should be current on the issues impacting pharmacy.

The Treasurer shall serve a two year term and may succeed to one consecutive term of office in that capacity. Nominees for treasurer should have good analytical skills and experience and ability in financial management and budget preparation.

Regional Director
There are nine regional Board Directors who shall serve two year terms. Nominees must be a Florida licensed pharmacist in good standing with the Florida Pharmacy Association and the Florida Board of Pharmacy. Board Directors terms are staggered such that even numbered regions shall be elected in even numbered years and odd numbered regions shall be elected in odd numbered years. All newly elected Board of Directors Regional Directors shall take office on the last day of the annual meeting, and shall continue in office until the last day of annual meeting of the second ensuing year.

Nominations Guidelines
The member (nominee) who wishes to be considered by the Nominating Committee for elective office shall submit their name, a letter of intent, a brief biographical description, a position statement for the office to which the member seeks election, and a black and white, 4” x 5” head and shoulder photograph.