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Florida Pharmacist Political Committee

Decisions and laws are made as to how you will practice your profession of pharmacy, care for your patients, as well as how health care costs affect state budgets. Your vote and personal contributions have a direct impact on these elected officials who represent you and make decisions affecting the future of your profession.

The Florida Pharmacist Political Committee (FPPC) is a means for us all to pool our resources and have a greater reach to candidates who have or will have an understanding of what's best for the practice of pharmacy and each aspect of patient care. The vast majority of your contributions go directly to political candidates to support their campaigns.

The Florida Legislature typically reviews a number of pharmacy issues that affect not only our businesses but also how we practice the profession. The advocacy efforts of the Florida Pharmacy Association supported by your contributions to the FPPC will helped to ward off onerous public policy designed to put you out of business or compromise the relationships that you have with your patients.



 Over 90% of donations collected support political campaigns or committees!

View a list of FPPC supporters as well as campaigns or committees supported



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Florida Pharmacist Political Committee (FPPC)

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